Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sun. Oct. 22, 2006

Hi! Today I just went to Great America and made a few minor changes to the website. But with surprising ease, I got TP a phone number! If you want to call and leave a message, call 408-565-TPVI (408-565-8784). Also, chances are that if you leave a message, it will be played on our next podcast episode! So that's a new and exciting feature.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Fri. Oct. 20, 2006 (and earlier)

Hi! It seems I have hardly posted much lately. Well, that's because I HAVEN'T! So, I will take some time to catch up.

Last Friday (Oct. 13 ...wait...FRIDAY THE 13TH!! AHHHHH!!!!), I decided to make a movie on a whim. This doesn't seem to happen much with me anymore. This could be because I'm always busy (mostly with trying to get TPCast on the net, but I'll talk about that later). Anyway, I made I 1 2 No. I'm very surprised I finished it in one day, but that's beside the point. The next day I was able to get it to a DVD and post it on Google Video. Everyone who has seen it seems to have liked it, so I'm making another one (I hope it will be as good!). So I am working on that.

But what I've been mostly working on is getting TPCast on the Internet instead of relying on email and me having to be online for you guys to download it. And FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!, I have succeeded (after countless hours spent finding just the right host that would actually work!)!!! Now, everyone can subscribe to TPCast through iTunes. Yea!!! Just go to the TP site and go to the page titled "TPCast". From there you will be led to the official site where you can subscribe.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. Wow! Glad to get that off my chest!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wed. Oct. 11, 2006

Today so far I fiddled with the podcasting thing and I believe I have found a solution. A program called SpinXpress lets you share files with other people who have SpinXpress. I have sent people emails with info on this. If they install it, we can all share files and they can download the shows. Hopefully, Kevin and Kyle can come over today and we can do another cast (its been a while!).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tues. Oct. 10, 2006

Hi! I just got back from my trip to South Dakota. I had a great time (considering I got to shake Bill Clinton's hand). I took lots of pictures and video. I will post some of the pics on the website sometime soon. On the way back, our luggage got stuck in Denver, Colorado. We are awaiting the airport people to deliver it sometime between 4 and 8 o-clock tonight. Luckily, all the video tapes I used were in my carry-on bag (unlike the video camera). So when our suitcases come, I'll start editing the footage. I also today messed around with some podcasting software. I think I might have figured out how to post the TPCasts on the Internet. We'll see if that works!
George McGovern and Bill Clinton walk out of the McGovern Library for their speeches

Monday, October 02, 2006

Oct. 2, 2006: The Situation Area

Yesterday, Kevin and Kyle came over once again. We made a few short movies. One of those movies was The Situation Area: Kevin Interviews Steve Irwin. It originally was a test for green screen (we filmed a Steve Irwin acton figure behind a green backdrop and were going to add him in with Kevin). In the end, we decided to make Kevin interviewing Steve Irwin's ghost; all the more funny. Then later that night, I edited the movie together.

Today, I rendered it to a Windows Media file. Though the movie will not be posted on the net, I might email it to some select people. After that worked, I made the main menu and edited some special footage for the DVD. The DVD is rendering right now. I really hope it works.