Friday, September 25, 2009

Fri. Sep. 25, 2009 - Quick Update

Hello guys. Just a quick update. We released a video entitled "ODST OST Rap" (check it out if you haven't seen it), and submitted to hoping they would post it. And low and behold, they did! Here's what they said:

This is awesome.

"Here's some new music for ODST, not from Marty! Thomas Productions has created a song about the new music from the ODST OST, so click the link to watch the music video!"

(You can check out the link here for yourself)

And if that wasn't enough, Bungie posted a tweet about it!

And then Martin O'Donnell (composer of the Halo music) re-tweeted it!!

I have to say this really made our day (as if finally playing ODST wasn't enough).
And thus ends this blog post. Happy Birthday, Halo 3!