Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sun. May 10, 2009

Hey readers! Here's a quick update from the land of TP. Marlin the Elite episode 36 is now out. Please head on over to YouTube and watch it. This week there will be no new TPCast episode (sad face). There just wasn't a whole lot of new stuff to talk about. However, we just filmed Marlin episode 37 today, and I can say that it's going to be rather awesome. Expect to see that this week. To close up, please go vote in the TPMAs. Only one week left to get those votes in!

Above Photo: Marlin, Grandma, and Lemon Man in Marlin the Elite - Episode 36

Friday, May 01, 2009

Fri. May 1, 2009

Happy May Day folks! It's update time! YEA!

First up to the plate, we have Marlin the Elite Episode 35: Trip to the Mall. It's fresh up on YouTube, so go and check it out! Next up, we have some production updates. We plan on filming Marlin episode 36 very soon and getting that out the door within a week (give or take, of course). We also have a new live-action video planned. Also, keep an eye out on the new TPCast feed for another episode of the TPCast. You guys actually had sent in voicemails, so now we're gonna get a chance to actually play them! If you want to send in voicemails for future episodes, just leave a message at 208-474-2690 (you'll hear some weird robot lady answer, but don't worry; it's the right place).

Next, we're gonna take a little time to highlight YOU: the reader/viewer/listener, and of course when I say "YOU", I mean the people who sent stuff in and made themselves noticed. First, I would like to thank the two followers of this blog: "Platnumeye" & "Jeanjean". May they be an example to you fellow fans. Please subscribe when there is a subscribe button... please follow when there is a follow button, that way we know you're listening to us (and we sure like that).
Next we have our loyal Twitter audience ("TKG14", "Swayyd", & "oranOneedle" to name a few). Thanks to these people for giving into our spam campaign. For the rest of you, give in and click this cute little linky. To finish off our little fan highlight, we have these fan pics sent in to Lemon Man by Toby C. These truely make us feel special.

And finally, to round off this update, we have a BLOG EXCLUSIVE! That's right! This is a short video of Kyle recording a line from Marlin episode 34, which was shot by Kevin on his cell phone (hence the Ye Olde Quality). I believe this is the first video ever that shows us doing the actual voiceovers. I have a feeling it won't be the last. So here it is. And remember, vote in the TPMAs!