Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sun. April 25, 2010

Welcome blog followers! It's time for another long overdue update!

Yesterday we held our live episode of the TPCast where we unveiled the winners of the Fourth Annual Thomas Productions Movie Awards. I must say it went rather well. We actually had some people tune in (unlike last year). For those of you who missed out, the episode has been posted to the TPCast feed. It's an hour and thirty+ minutes long and 80+ megabites (compression is for wimps), so if you're desperate for hard drive space, you might just wanna listen through the handy player on the website.

In other news, we had the 2nd Marlin the Elite fan episode about 2 weeks back. I must say, what with my mic going out and all, it went rather well. Thank you to those who came and participated. So when are you gonna be able to see the fan episode (in HD, I might add)? Sometime around May/June.

Looks just like my family portrait.

Now for video news. We released Marlin the Elite Episode 49 and a live-action video called Kyle the Axe Murderer. You might note that the Kyle one has a pretty shnazzy tune. Guess what? You can download the extended version of that song free of charge from our website.

Another video we released is Light at the End, a short machinima I made to test out the shiny new HD capture device that is the Hauppauge!. On a whim, I submitted it to, and wouldn't you know it, they posted it! soon followed and posted it to their site. The video now has almost 10,000 views; that's a lot for little old us. Thanks, you continue to be awesome.

It gives me the warm & fuzzies inside

Our next video is coming out on Wednesday. What is it? Well lets just say we're not quite done with ODST.

Now for a little bit of house cleaning news. I made some slight tweaks to the website. The Coming Soon page is now gone (I didn't update it) and the Featured page is gone (didn't have much of a purpose). The pages listed under those that I deleted have been moved up to the main navigation menu. Who knew we had a calendar and made original music! Well now you do thanks to us. Another change I was thinking of making is getting rid of the search bar on the main page. It doesn't seem to work, and me being my website savvy self, I don't know how to fix it. It runs on Google Custom Search, so if someone wants to help figure it out, be my guest. If not, expect it to go bye bye.

Now we've come to the end of the blog post. This is the time where I usually tell you to follow us on Twitter. This also the time when you say to yourself, "Layne, I'm already following you on Twitter". So instead of rehashing that, I'm telling you to fan us (or I guess it's "Like" now) on Facebook. Just like on Twitter, our latest news is automatically posted there, sometimes even faster than our Twitter account. We have 24 followers. Lets make it 25. Peace out.