Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thurs. Feb. 17, 2011

Guess who's back! It sure hasn't seemed like  half a year since my last blog post... actually it has. There's so much stuff that's happened in the last six months that I'll just list the most recent stuff.

Off Road Awesome:
At the end of January, we came out with a little machinima video called Off Road Wraith. It was picked up by padraig08 and posted on A few days later, it made it onto (with a little helping hand), where it was received a little less warmly.
Editor's Note - It also demonstrates some of the worst singing I've ever heard. - Urk
Haters gonna hate. The majority of the comments on YouTube are very positive, and at the time of this blog post, has more than 14,000 views. Check it out for yourself.

New TPCast:
Along the same lines of this blog, it had been a while since we recorded a new podcast episode, and we finally got around to putting out a new one. In this latest episode, we review Halo Reach's multiplayer (maps in particular). We also speculate on the (now officially unveiled) Defiant map pack, and talk about future video plans. Speaking of which...

Future Video Plans:
Like we mentioned during the podcast, we filmed a new Marlin episode (which has since been captured and is being edited) and a new live action video, more specifically, a sequel to a video we did last year. Both are expected to come out this month if everything goes as planned.

Livestream + TP:
Back when it was still known as Mogulus, we created a account that played TP videos non-stop and was occasionally used to stream live events (mainly the premiere of a particular machinima series). Since then, the content has become out-of-date, unorganized, and the URL was a real challenge to remember (7h0mas_pr0duc7i0ns_inc, anyone?). So we created a new one. Now you can visit our fresh Livestream channel without killing your brian (, watch our awesome videos 24/7, or access the content you want on-demand. There's even a chat room for you guys to talk to each other! We'll be using it for live events as well, so you shouldn't forget about it.

And finally...

Website Fixes:
If you visited our website over the past couple of months, you probably saw that our Twitter and blog widgets were broken. Not anymore! Now you can see our latest posts and tweets on the front page!

Later, everyone (and when I say later, I mean in more 6 months).