Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thurs. Feb. 19, 2009

Well well. It's been a while. We've had quite a few videos come out since the last blog post. Sean Connery's Gaming Corner, Running Riot, Marlin episode 31, and our latest, The California Weather Report... just to name a few. We've also acquired a Twitter page. This will enable you to get news on what we're doing in between blog posts. We've embedded our Twitter updates on the right side of the blog page, so you can get updates without even going to Twitter. However, if you join Twitter, you can press the "Follow" button on our Twitter page, and every time we post an update, it will be sent to your Twitter account. Neat-o! So please do that.

An update on current stuff. We recently did the puppet work for Marlin ep. 32. That should be coming in the following weeks. We've also been putting little live-action videos. We might continue to do that. As for Project Blackknight (don't worry, we haven't forgotten about it), we've filmed a few scenes for it. We still have quite a few more to go. Like we said, we're not trying to crank these puppies out ASAP, so there are going to be breaks in between... rather... lengthy breaks. But we're still continuing with it.

So the moral of this blog post is...
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