Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thurs. April 30, 2009

Well, happy almost May everybody. Don't really have an update for you. But what I do have is a sneak preview picture from Marlin the Elite episode 35 (which, by the way, should be out either tomorrow or Saturday). Enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sun. April 26, 2009

Well folks, we've got quite a bit of news to dish out. First up, we have Marlin the Elite Episode 34: h311. Please go watch and rate. Next, we have a new episode of the TPCast out! Rejoice! However, it's on a different RSS feed than the old one. Why you may ask? Well, because we have a new TPCast website silly! Head on over to to subscribe to the new TPCast RSS feed and listen to TPCast episode 52. Remember, the old TPCast feed will no longer be updated with new episodes, so you MUST subscribe to the new RSS feed if you still want to get new episodes. For you iTunes aficionados, the new feed should be coming to the iTunes Podcast directory soon.

Lastly, we've just opened up voting for the Third Annual Thomas Productions Movie Awards! If you've been hanging around TP for the last year or so, you know what's go'n down. For those of you who haven't, it's basically where you vote for your favorite Thomas Productions videos from the past year. Well voting's open, so just click this link right here to go vote! We set up a poll for you to take that's a lot easier than previous years where you have to send in an email. The downside is that we're only allowed 25 submissions (one of which has already been used up). So to make sure you're vote's counted, go and vote right now! The deadline for getting votes in is Sunday, May 17. The plan is to announce the winners on a special LIVE episode of the TPCast. More details will be coming as we get stuff solidified.

So that's it for this update! We'll be capturing Marlin episode 35 and getting it ready in the following week or so. Until then, keep being cool :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fri. April 17, 2009

Welcome update readers! It seems like I haven't posted an update in a long time. I have however, been posting quick updates via Twitter. You can follow these updates by joining Twitter and following us. With that, time for some updates!

Marlins on YouTube
Unfortunately, all older episodes of Marlin the Elite (1-30) have been taken off of YouTube. However, you can watch them all on the Videos page of our website. New Marlin episodes will continue to be posted to YouTube.

New Videos
We have a few new videos out since the last blog post:So please go and watch those.

Website Updates
I've made a few website updates in the last couple days. On the main page I've added a Twitter widget so any updates will display there. Also, the Photos page has been updated, so that the Photo Archive will display right on the page. New Marlin photos have also been posted there.

Future Video Plans
I've been getting a few questions about Project Blackknight. From an outside point of view, it would seem like we've forgotten about it. Of course, we haven't. We had planned to release episode 2 in the Spring, however, we have shifted our priorities to resemble last year's. We plan on first finishing up Marlin the Elite Season 4. We have an internal goal of finishing them up by around June 10th (or around when school gets out). Then, we will complete and release PBK episode 2 over the summer while Marlin is not in production. Remember that we're going for sort of a mini-movie vibe from PBK, so it takes a lot more time to produce.
So inkeeping wth that schedual, I captured Marlin episode 34 yesterday, and we filmed Marlin episode 35 today. Episode 34 should be out by next week.

And with that...
As a special preview for Marlin fans, we have a screen shot to share from Marlin the Elite Episode 34. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009

Well, it's been a long enough wait! Marlin the Elite episode 33 is finally out. Click here to start watch'n! We already have episode 34 filmed, so there won't be a very long wait in between. We might do a live action Easter movie today, but if that doesn't work out, HAPPY EASTER!