Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wed. Dec. 23, 2009

Kevin & Layne in "Sunset Old Folks Home"

Hey! Long time no see! About time I made another blog update. We've got a few new videos to wrap up 2009 in style: We have Marlin the Elite episodes 45 & 46 and a new live-action video called Sunset Old Folks Home. We even have the shooting script for you to take a look at.

We had planned to do another podcast before the end of the year, but Kevin has a cold, so we are unable to record. Who knows, maybe we'll feel like recording one over the break.

Also, we recently had another TP Game Event. Very fun as usual. You can check out video from one of the games here.

Now I know it's a little to late for Christmas present suggestions, but if you happen to get some cash this holiday season, might I suggest the TP Store? You can get a nice shirt or mug with our logo on it. No pressure of course :)

One last thing. There's only 1 thing we want for Christmas, and that's some more Twitter followers. So follow the TP Twitter account. It gets updated as soon as we post a new video or podcast or blog post.

So that's it. Have a happy holiday season guys! I'm gonna go eat a cookie.